COVID-19: Two grim reasons why strict adherence to social distancing may be critical

Unfortunately, we are seeing many young people with strong immunity ignore all the noise around social distancing. These people, who may be asymptomatic carriers of the virus, may cause grave harm to vulnerable individuals. Young asymptomatic individuals can expose others by shedding the virus, infecting the susceptible who accumulate higher viral loads, and even reducing the effectiveness of potential vaccines by causing repeated low dose exposure. See below:

Source: ReachMD “Reducing the Impact of Influenza Viral Load on Patient and Community Health”
  • University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease  Research and Policy states and quotes “COVID-19 concentrates quickly, sheds efficiently…Led by researchers in Germany, the virologic study, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, found that the novel coronavirus quickly begins producing high viral loads, sheds efficiently, and grows well in the upper respiratory tract (nose, mouth, nasal cavity, and throat).”….”In SARS, it took 7 to 10 days after onset until peak RNA concentrations (of up to 5×105 copies per swab) were reached,” the researchers wrote. “In the present study, peak concentrations were reached before day 5, and were more than 1,000 times higher.”
  • Research on repeated exposure to low dose Influenza virus  opines that “compared to a single high-dose infection, mice that received repeated low-dose challenges showed earlier morbidity and mortality and more severe disease. They developed higher viral loads, more severe lung pathology, and greater inflammatory responses and generated only limited influenza A virus-specific B and T cell responses.” 


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