Join our community and discover the Ayurvedic path to wellness with Ayurkula. Our approach combines lifestyle, diet, breathwork, and mindfulness to help you balance your doshas.

  • We host periodic open to all one-off sessions where we cover topics of general interest often with participation of experts.
  • We also offer both group and individual paid educational sessions to fit your needs.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced learner, we sincerely hope you will light a path for others to follow. reflects our goal, as an educational community, of seeding holistic wellness.

The Ayurkula journey


Recollection of experiences …

Contents: 00:00 Start 00:15 As I recall for me Ayurkula has been most intriguing and it has taught me a lot….the reason that I joined Ayurkula was because I wanted to be empowered with the knowledge to lead a healthy life…. it’s about what I can do to build a foundation of good health for myself so that I can lead a healthy life in the future…. 1:09 It’s about what what i can do to build a foundation of good health for myself. 2:07 You have to have a proactive mindset, an open mindset…. and understand that it is a process 4:33 In my mind everyone could benefit from it..clearly someone who cares that cares about their health… you can never start early enough 5:13 I also do it ( attend sessions/workshops) not just for myself but for all my family members who are unable to attend– people that I can help, help others

Contents: 00:00 Start 0:58 Looking at nutrition through the lens of the whole body 1:54 Something as simple as a bean is powerful and transformative 3:21 One of the best webinars was on routing and microgreens/wheatgrass 4:20 The grower you buy it from should be treating the land with respect 7:16 One of things in those sessions (I attended) was building communities and bridging people 7:59 You can’t have strawberries 12 months a year- the intensive carbon footprint is difficult to ignore 8:42 People who are environmentally conscious would be good candidate (for Ayurkula), also those people who have a passion for breaking down problems 9:28 (for example) how we can empower people who live in a food desert 14:36 Before I had the awareness of the topics but at the same time i didn’t have the tools to understand them.

Contents: 0:00 Start 1:22 Ayurveda is perfect for me to understand my body type…it is not about miracle pills or a powder-you have to make a lifestyle change 2:05 There are a lot of things that are out there ( re probiotics) some work, some don’t work and some work for a very short time 2:35 That natural probiotics that I tried from your recipes helped me feel better 2:50 Basic things like sleep, bowel activity are so important 3:38 Stopping overcooking everything , using the right oils, the right sugar- to bring all your levels in check 5:05 Just about everybody is having gut issues 5:42 Just going and making celery juice is not going to help you 5:55 (Regarding early childhood education) I feel that children have a huge behavioral problems which could be connected to what they eat.