Contents: 00:00 Start 1:57 What was shared (during the sessions) was a treasure trove 2:25 It is good to observe everything and pick what you can sustain and resonate with 4:04 There is no life if there is no selective indulgence 5:23 I was able to control 20-25 pounds of erroneous fat in my body 8:30 For anybody who wants their tomorrow to be better than today- this is the perfect platform for them attend 11:36 Once you have seen the positive change it’s like a snowfall effect

Content: 00:00 Start 00:42 My Ayurkula journey started not out of choice but when I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast Cancer around 3 years ago 01:29 I wanted to be in charge of how to approach the situation…on the first interaction I came looking for how to grow wheat grass but left with so much more information 02:05 There is so much more happening in our bodies that we are not aware of because we are so caught up in our day to day lives 03:18 I didn’t think that I was not doing anything consciously wrong ( with my food/nutrition/lifestyle) but I thought I was doing everything right 03:37 I was missing the makeup of what I was eating, I was missing what kind of exercises I was doing, I totally was missing my breathing 04:54 It’s not a certain type of person who needs to come to come in to Ayurkula- you could be perfectly outwardly healthy 06:24 When shit hits the fan you do things because you have no choice….. I went cold Turkey– quit sugar, quit dairy, started cooking in cast iron 06:55 Why wait till that happens, because by that time it might be too late 07:20 We just need to pause reflect, there are certain things that can be avoided…. take stock of so much knowledge 07:36 You ( Ayurkula) presents everything in easy packages– all we have to do is listen… if you don’t then at some time you will have to listen to your body 09:31 I have to constantly keep reminding myself that remember your journey… prevent it from happening again 10:34 ( In order to sustain change) It’s always something you can institutionalize around your families and friends … 12:06 ( On Super-pills) You don’t know what is happening inside your body and so to add something that is not natural …. you have absolutely no idea what it is going to do…

Content: 00:00 Start 00:08 I joined out of curiosity- I was interested in ancient health systems as well as to modern science, fact checking and biological approach to health. 00:39 I feel I can trust what I learn from the community 00:45 Time is a good test for a lot of things we have learn’t about our bodies as humans and of course we have learn’t so much in modern science – that I have to combine the two 01:12 ( By being a part of this community) you are not alone in your health journey- I love hearing from others and seeing different perspectives 01:40 I have brought these ideas into my everyday life- when I am in the grocery store making a choice about what grains, oils, fruits to get … I am using use this community as my grounding as my background knowledge, when I am cooking in the kitchen in the night- what do I reach for in cooking the food 02:06Through sustained membership , contact I have a much more holistic approach to my health

Content: 00:00 Start 01:11 I always enjoyed the the animated conversations around important topics 01:22 If anybody looks at the last one and a half years or so and if they are not able to deduce that the biggest take-home is mental and physical health they got to be kidding themselves 03:09 Once I understood the science behind certain things I was really able to take some action…. I was able to correlate what we learn’t during childhood 5:34 The first step ( in the health journey) is to measure the baseline- what you cannot measure you cannot improve… one has to define their North Star 06:16 I don’t this (usefulness of Ayurkula) is restricted for anybody, if I had my way I would sit down my 14 yr old daughter for the sessions and understand the inappropriateness of not having ultra-refined monoculture carbohydrates 07:15 I saw in your sessions some very old people and some really young people attend 09:02 In the spirit of change…. ( besides changes in nutrition) … I have started measuring my sleeping patterns… this followed the session on sleep which covered all this 11:39 The idea is to spread the word about wellness to the diaspora that we have out here…because we all live life in the fast lane and end up choosing routes but they are not necessarily helping us….

Content: 00:00 Start 00:18 My journey with Ayurkula started as a gift that I received from one of my friends .. and it was a wonderful gift because I was looking ways of keeping the maintaining my endurance levels ( as we age) 02:19 Right now the perception of health through the tabloids is that at no matter what cost that you have to look a certain way 02:38 I have always believed that it inside should be fixed- the root cause 03:19 One of the key takeaways from the workshop sessions was that (for good health) it is a multi pronged approach- proper sleep, proper nutrition… aligned with your dosha 03:50 I thought it was a very holistic approach towards fitness- which also included meditation/stress levels… more inside out rather than outside in 06:06 Nobody takes the time to figure out why did that ( falling ill) happen to you 06:46 (On need of a community) Change is difficult because you are bombarded with the wrong stuff everywhere…if you try to do something you are branded as a taboo or as a part of a cult 07:12 ( Who would benefit from Ayurkula) People who have an open mind.. this who are willing to explore the science of which ancestors did in the past…. 08:25 Ayurveda ( is not a cult) it is a way of life… it is not prescriptive 11:34 Doing small things go a long way

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